Frequencies in Agriculture

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Frequencies in Agriculture

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About me: I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and an Energy Diviner (Dowser). During my practice of these disciplines I have combined their principles, methods and instruments in the development of healing modalities and treatments of people, places, animals, plants, landscapes, soils and so on. I apply healing treatments hands-on and distantly regardles of whether the recipient is an organism or situation or location. I use essences and remedies which are derived from substances, liquids, objects, organisms (but without harming them); the vast majority of these 'preparations' I make myself directly without the use of fermentation processes such as Steiner's. I coordinate an international channel of 28 healers, their guides and support networks. Both individually and as a channel we use subtle energy transmissions in support of healing treatments. Distance is no barrier to such transmissions.

This topic is about the preparation, imprinting and carriage of frequencies in agriculture. The reason I have separated this topic from radionics in agriculture is that I do all of the same things (that radionics does) through the use of extremely simple systems that work for me and other people and which have nothing to do with radionics. In another topic someone said it seemed to him that radionic remedies lost their strength within two to six weeks and that this was probably because they were just vibration patterns and no imprint from any substance. Well, in my book vibration patterns are another way of saying frequencies, for a frequency to occur there has to be something in being to provide it, this 'something' is energy in one form or another, and the fact of these things ensures an acceptance by the practitioner that a remedy will retain its potency for as long as necessary, for ever if need be. (Please note I said 'acceptance' not 'belief'.)

In the world post-2012, two things will be essential for our survival as a species - sustainably produced potable water and nourishing food. I don't think I need to elaborate further. Following are two things I have done or developed (among many) during the last decade or so, I hope they stimulate interest and discussion:

In 2002/3 inspired by Maye Bruce's development of QR Compost I researched other uses of the herbs which are the foundation of Rudolph Steiner's preps. However as oak bark was difficult to find I substituted sage leaves which have the same mineral composition. After numerous experiments using all Bruce's ingredients including honey and the modern equivalent of 'mothers milk' (lactose) I developed an essence which stimulates plant growth regardless of species, location (global) or situation (ie, garden, allotment or broadacre). The essence may be diluted and applied conventionally (ie, using water as the carrier) or its frequency transmitted using subtle energy as the carrier. In the latter case:

a) the frequency 'holder' may be powder, liquid concentration or an imprinted neutral-energy-substance (eg glass); and

b) the transmitter may be Smartpipe (my own development), Field Broadcaster (Lovel et al), Paramagnetic Tower or similar.

Example of Use:
In 2004/5 NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) decided to build a carpark on a coastal headland known (by locals) to have supported pre-white settlement aboriginal tribes. Although not regarded as a sacred site by officialdom it was held to be such by many visitiors as well as local residents. I walked the site before construction began at the request of some of them. Some months before I had conducted some clearance ceremonies there and it was still very peaceful and thoroughly grasses with wildflowers here and there. I revisited when the work was done; in place of the vegetation there was bare earth and treated pine logs marking out the car spaces. I placed a 300mm long Smartpipe vertically in a grassed area about thirty metres away from the bare area, put a small container of liquid life essence into the pipe, designated the carpark and its surrounds as the area I wanted revegetated and activated the pipe. I visited the area again about four months later. The whole area was grassed as I had described at the time of designation - short native grasses where the cars parked, longer and thicker vegetation in the surrounding area. There had been no re-seeding or watering other than rainfall or other care taken.

A simple pipe, bottle or similar container generally about 300mm (12") long, up to 40mm inside diam, of any material except metal or material containing significant metal (eg reinforced concrete). I use PVC pipe, bamboo, clear plastic tubing, clay (glazed or otherwise) or wood.

Placed vertically so one end touches or penetrates the ground or upon another object which touches or penetrates the ground, a Smartpipe attracts subtle energy from subsurface which invariably swirls clockwise around the pipe (thus keeping close to it) uo to the top of it and down to earth again continuously.

A pendulum or equivalent (eg, a hand) spun counter-clockwise above or near the top of the pipe will change the flow direction to match. Instead of staying close to the pipe the subtle energy spirals outwards continuously in a wave the height of the pipe, taking with it the frequencies of any energies which have been placed in the pipe.