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Paper written homeopathic remedies for plants

Posted: 15 Jul 2010, 13:38
by scarface
Hello everybody,

congratulations for the forum first ! I have just discovered some days ago.

If anyone of you want to experiment a radionic method of making homeopathic remedies on plants you are welcome.

About this simple, free of cost but hard to believe method, you can read here:

I used this kind of remedies - called paper written remedies - some hundred times on different people and a couple of times on dogs with 100% succes. One can use it on plants for sure too.
With this method you have the advantage to be able to make any imaginable remedy in the world. Maybe this open up for you some new ways.

Or you can spread the word to people in poor countries who don't have the money or the opportunity to get/buy homeopathic remedies.

Best Regards

Posted: 16 Jul 2010, 21:06
by scarface
Sorry, I pasted the wrong link the first time.Nnow I replaced with the right one.