Quantec receives award

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Quantec receives award

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As well as their award they report successful treatment of agricultural land -

We take great pleasure in being able to tell you that in May 2010, QUANTEC was awarded a major prize, namely the GOLD MEDAL for the best innovation in the field of health development.

This prize was awarded to QUANTEC on the occasion of the 2nd “International Authors’ Salon of Innovations” on the Crimean peninsula. The jury consisted of scientists from both Russian and Ukrainian universities, ministries and private institutes.

Russia has for decades been a worldwide leader in the field of biocommunication and awareness technologies. Its application in space technology for the health monitoring and treatment of astronauts in space has also become known to us in the West since the fall of the wall. We are therefore particularly proud of having won the Gold Metal here - the honour comes from a highly reputable source.
QUANTEC is currently also being investigated by scientists from the West, and is also achieving recognition and success here; we will report on this here as soon as the research results are published.

Who is behind this honour for QUANTEC

1.) The President of the international jury which awarded the prize: Professor Dr. med. B.A. Astafev Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

2.) The President of the Award Commission: Professor Dr. psych. N. W. Masolva President of the Academy of Noospherian Sciences and Education

3.) The President of the 2nd International Authors’ Salon of Innovations: Dr. phil. W. B. Ivanov Academy for Noospherian Sciences and Education