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Soil organic matter

Posted: 14 Jan 2009, 15:45
by Mark
I have just heard from a Greek friend who has been using a product called 'Pro-humus' from Enzo Nastati's homeodynamic range. The hillside is very rocky and covered in shrubs so only appropriate for a few goats and sheep. The soil organic matter at the end of 2007 was around 1.6%. The sprays were applied - at about 40 litres per hectare. The last soil analysis was submitted just before Christmas and this was analyzed as having around 3% o/m. I'd like to assume that this is as it appears on face value and not due to sampling and analytical errors. (I have asked for more details which I will pass on if anyone is interested.)

I need someone who is good at this kind of thing to educate me. First, is it unusual to have a fluctuation of this magnitude in this period of time. Second assuming that this occurred over 1 hectare would there be some equivalent to carbon sequestered in tonnes/Ha. Third, any ideas how this might be possible?