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Experience of Enzo's products

Posted: 16 May 2008, 09:38
by Sarah
I have set up a small scale trial as follows: Carrots and peas sown according to Enzo's calendar and Maria Thun's both after seedbaths S00 and S01 and a control using no seedbath and not with any calendar (not the right day by either calendar). It was nigh impossible to get the sequences right.
The ground was prepared with the other sprays beforehand. All a lot of work, especially the seedbaths. So far Maria Thun's are looking most robust but it's early days.
Is anyone else experimenting?

Posted: 16 May 2008, 21:35
by Mark
We have several experiments going. There's one lot with beans which have had the lot - seeds, land, holy nights sprays. They are looking robust although our hand-broadcasting of the seed was very patchy. I have a small patch within the field which are receiving specialist sprays - flowering, fruiting apparatus (!) and nitrogen fixing. We will assess them at maturity for differences.

There's also some with oats which we have treated as seed and some is on homeodynamically treated land and the rest biodynamically.

Also some lupins and another batch of oats.

A lot of the grassland has been sprayed. I am interested to try this R01 - Gold for transition - not transition towns but for the transition to the new etheric body of the Earth - see other posting.

We tried some things on the sheep after Enzo's suggestions. We were going to give them more but, as you say, it is a very complex thing to try and do all of this by the book(s).

Sometimes one questions ones sanity with all the details and methods, and it would be very confirming to get some dramatic results. I think we have some of these from Oaklands' last year and from Botton this year. I will leave Ben to talk about this when he returns from Italy.

Thanks for posting.

Experiences in Botton Village with Enzo's reccommendations

Posted: 10 Jun 2009, 17:53
by ben davis
Hello all
This post is a very long time in the making, mostly because the threshold for me with computers is very large!

Anyway, starting January '08, after the course at Oaklands Park, Peter van Vliet and I decided to give the homeodynamic preps a "proper go" in Botton. We also picked up Enzo's tip to draw equilateral triangles on the western wall of the barn. Enzo advised this in order to treat rising cell counts in our dairy cows, which is an indication of heightened immune response or sub-clinical infection. Once the cell count goes up the next step is mastitis. We had an unusually high number of cows with high cells that winter, and were a bit concerned. It was really on the off chance that I asked Enzo about this, and that was when he mentioned the triangles. So, Peter and I did it! (See photos) At the same time we also had a number of cows that were losing hair around their tails and spine, and I decided to photograph the cows bums in case the triangles had an effect there. Enzo had said the triangle is the archetypal light symbol, and I thought the hair loss had to do with a vitamin E deficiency, due to the poor summer we had had and the relatively poor quality of out forage that winter.

So .... result! Shortly after the triangle went up, we had all our cows cell counts tested again, and 18 out of 21 were lower than the previous month! The average cell count dropped from 371 to 168. More remarkably, within three days of the triangles going up the hair on the cows backs started to grow back! I will try and post some before-and-after photos here. After about a month most of the cows with hair loss had recovered, and by turning out time they already had a glossy spring coat.

Another interesting experience we had, around the same time, was with giving a cow with retained afterbirth a drink of the yarrow preparation which had been stirred in water for 60 minutes. Immediately upon drinking the yarrow, literally within seconds (I'm not exaggerating here) she lifted up here tail and gave a mighty push! The afterbirth did not come then but the next day, and when it was delivered it was still quite healthy and did not smell.

In the Inner Garden here in Botton Peter van Vliet has used the sprays very consciencously, also the Holy Nights sprays in the turn of the year from '08-'09. He will have to post his experiences separately. My own experiments with the sprays have delivered less obvious results so far, but it is also a lot of work to apply them properly on a larger acreage, and I don't think we really did it with the right "consciousness". I'm not even sure we did it right.

That's all for now, I have had some other interesting experiences with some of Enzo's recommendations, but I will write about them another time.


Bernadette two days before triangles drawn. 15.1.08

Bernadette 12 days after triangles drawn. 29.1.08

Mark, some help with posting pictures? {Done - }

Posted: 10 Jun 2009, 22:47
by Mark
Thanks Ben. These are really impressive and I'm very pleased that you overcame your computer to put the stories up there. I have to say that I know there are others who would put stuff up but the computer is a big barrier.

Photos - well it's not so easy to put them up on Considera but we can get yahoo to pay for that server space. (The problem is that you have to sign up for it I think. Perhaps a better place can be found?!) So I am putting the link to the photos here and have taken the liberty of putting the links in your posting! Ah the power of being a moderator!!

Thanks again.

Posted: 26 Dec 2011, 16:25
by Mark
Further to Ben's posting above, Ben tried some of the 508 done a la Enzo and had mixed results. The Blight was low (hooray) but then the rows were further apart than in previous years and so the opportunity for spread was reduced anyway (aaah). So we cannot claim a conclusive result.

In relation to the trials at Oaklands we have had a few great results and a few dissapointments. The disappointments: I did a really diligent trial of radish in trays trying to emphasise the roots, leaves, flowers and seeds in different trays. I used seed baths and sprays for the growing times. Results - no discernible differences. A few of the experiments were trashed by some over enthusiastic colleagues and poor communication. When I told Enzo he said that a researchers mind is not cast in the same direction as a farmers! Hmmm. However, the same colleague took the oats and we gave the S00 seed bath to one half and not to the other and the difference could not have been greater. Those that were not treated barely germinated whilst those that were treated germinated 100% as near as it was possible to determine. Now that was clear. The crop which emerged was healthy and heavy - the contractor who harvested remarked on the difference with those around who he also helped.

Re: Experience of Enzo's products

Posted: 20 Jan 2014, 11:45
by Jack02
Agriculture Course in which he says that Steiner's basic statement is that the study of Agriculture is the study of the Macrocosm, and this is just that.