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May 2008 snapshot

Posted: 14 May 2008, 21:23
by Mark
It is about 4 months since the main course in 2008.

I know that perhaps 10 of the delegates have joined the association - l'Albero della Vita - the Tree of Life.

As far as I am aware there are about 8 folk who are trying the preparations. Botton has done some extensive spraying as have Oaklands Park. Most are garden-scale sprayings which have thrown up a different set of challenges from the broad-scale.

There have also been some experiences with animals. I hope that people will feel free to share their experiences - successful or not - on this forum.

Some of the trials are comparative so we would hope to be able to quantify the results at harvest time. I hope Ben will report when he gets back from Italy towards the end of May. He is there for a fortnight to see what they have going over there.

We have produced the translation of the "FOUNDATIONS FOR A DEVELOPMENT OF POTENTISATION". In translation are:-
  • the mammoth work on the Koberwitz Course
    Details of the etheric cycle of the year in the physical etheric astral and spritual
I am holding a stock of preparations and medallions and wall rosettes. The later will not be ordered again because the delivery is so fraught. If anyone wants any they can still be ordered directly from Italy so you can organise your own postal insurance. For the other stuff - I get a small percentage from l'AdV and add something for packing and posting. I trust this is Ok with everyone. I hope to be able to be quicker than I have been; sometimes this is because of getting unusual preparations which have to come from Italy anyway. The stock I hold is of the main preparations and a few of the less used ones which I thought might be required at times.

So --- don't be bashful, let's share our experiences ... please.