Enzo Stateside 2015

For english-speaking members of Albero della Vita and course participants past and present to assist each other to work with trinium (formerly 'homeodynamic') agriculture.
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Enzo Stateside 2015

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Enzo will be back in Colorado in 2015 (25 - 30 January)

There is a downloadable brochure: part 1 and part 2
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Re: Enzo Stateside 2015

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participant feedback:

“This seminar was great. I appreciated the structure - the frequent breaks and the intensive time. Silvia
did a great job translating and it was helpful to have Joseph as well.

I came into this seminar with an open heart and did not know what to expect or even what this seminar
was about. I was called to attend, I didn’t know why. I have learned so much. I feel so different in my
body, my spirit, and my ‘I.’ My farm and my animals know the difference. My animals are excited for our

Thank you also for reminding me of the Italian language - the language of my heart. I have spent time
living in the Abruzzi Mountains. Now I am dreaming again in Italian. A beautiful language - thank you.
I am excited and looking forward to doing the work. They work of my heart is infinite. I also see my
enthusiasm for my physical work is building. I am looking forward to pruning and cleaning my orchard,
learning the square root of the plants and animals on my farm.

Gracie mille. I will for sure come next time you are in Paonia. Than you for teaching me about
Il amore infinitivo.”

“I appreciate when Enzo review a little content from previous seminars when it is natural. I also
appreciate the hand-outs for guidance and understanding. Once again, I am transformed. Thank you,
Enzo, for your gift. I am deeply grateful.”

“My amaryllis plants grew 1” on the day we activated the chakra.”

“Thank you so much! The way Enzo is doing is perfect, step by step, he can lead us to do the work that is
necessary. Extremely necessary. Male Female… beautiful! Silvia what a marvellous job with translation.
Thank you so much for all your interpretation.”

“Dear Enzo Nastati, You make my heart rejoice! I seek to unite myself with Spiritual Agriculture with
inner practices which ray out into the practical life. Thank you.
JB, former BD farmer”

“We need artistic exercises - like eurythmy or creating forms and sounds for healing and amplifying the
agricultural medicaments. Difficult to comprehend the ways to measure the quantitative and qualitative

“Please tell them thank you and my heart thanks them.”

“Deep gratitude and a wave of love and thanks to you.”

“Everything was really wonderful. Although I am very suspicious of all religions because of how they
have been used as systems of domination and control. His techniques are powerful and work. Thank you
so much!”

“Dear Enzo and Silvia,

What an amazing gift you both gave us here in the North Fork Valley, You awakened us and expanded
our awareness more than I thought was possible, and in just a few days!

What is so astounding is that you demonstrated to us through your own abilities of awareness and
consciousness which so generously shared. On top of giving us the vision and demonstrating the possibility, you gave us the tools to hone and develop our own skills. Most of all you left us free to chose our own practices. You connected us to the ocean of humanity and to those unseen forces who await our recognition and questions, and who are ready to assist us. I am so grateful. Thank you.

To Silvia in particular, I wish to express my admiration for your impressive, meticulous translation, and
your efforts to align it to the English vernacular. You have personally been an invaluable help to me with my work in training Waldorf teachers in this area. Thank you, does not nearly express the gratitude we feel here in the Valley for your knowledge,
understanding and kindness.”
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