New preparations

For english-speaking members of Albero della Vita and course participants past and present to assist each other to work with trinium (formerly 'homeodynamic') agriculture.
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New preparations

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Translated from the magazine Albios and in the 2013 calendar.

New agricultural products from EUREKA; an important stage in ongoing research

Over EUREKA’s twenty years of study and research, one can now distinguish a decisive step forward in the quality and effectiveness of its products. This is due to the synergy of three components: potencies, macerates and EM (effective micro-organisms). Let's consider them separately first.

Those who have used our products over many years know their basic principles and their efficacy. Homeopathy is a type of medicine that stimulates the vital processes of the subject upon which it operates: it is, in effect, a medicine of "message".

There are various methods to prepare such ‘homeopathic’ preparations. The school of thought taking its lead from Hahnemann mainly uses the centesimal remedies (ie the lower potency is diluted in the proportion of 1 to 99 parts of a neutral base such as water) and then "succussed", ie is shaken through definite forms to create internal "lemniscatory" (or "harmonic eight") movements. This allows the exchange of information between the base product and the water. Repeated dilutions of 1 to 99 brings one to a state at which no molecule of the basic substance remains, only water, which retains the message of the mother substance.

Anthroposophy, the school taking its lead from Rudolf Steiner, opts instead for decimal dilutions (ratio of base substance to water of 1 to 9). The two are very similar, the difference is that the centesimal dilutions act in the sphere of free vital forces, while the decimal potencies activate the internal healing forces of the sick body.

A further difference is that the Hahnemannian school uses very high potencies (ie the process is repeated hundreds and even thousands of times), while anthroposophy restricts itself to lower potencies: not more than the thirtieth.

A little reflection might bring us to appreciate that because agriculture has to influence the manifest kingdoms of nature below humanity, we must develop a form of homeopathy somewhat different from those above: its dilutions, its potentising "gestures" and the duration of the processes. Our outcome from pursuing this issue is known as homeodynamic agriculture.

How homeodynamics works
Biologists know that the plant uses no more than 30-40% of its DNA. If we now compare the DNA to a piano keyboard, we can envisage each plant, so to speak, is "playing" its unique song on only a few definite keys. But the other keys, the other vital capacities, are all still present and there is no reason that a musical arranger could not develop variations, embellishments, or more that were not described in the original score. It is as if a person has a musical talent but the conditions of his life do not allow him to express himself by singing when he can. So it is for plants: archetypically each contains all the plants, their capacities, capabilities, strengths. By stimulation with our “messages” we can arouse these genes, reminding these "present but silent genes" to express themselves, to become active. Then our salad can resist the cold which, for example, brussel sprouts already express very fully (minus 15° C), or the drought resistance of the cactus and so on. In its simplest form this also applies to the fuller development of leaf, fruit, root, or flower. Similarly, one can stimulate the soil or humus to rapid digestion of green manure, or to purify itself of pollutants.

The applications are truly endless. Just think of all the applications that one may develop on the foundation of the "base" of life: water!

The second component of the new products is the macerates. A macerate is nothing more than the result of leaving plants to soak in water for a certain time. During this time transformations occur: colouring of the water, progressive disintegration of the substance of the plant (as the principle of form passes yo the water), and development of strong odours.

During these steps the principle of form "passes" into the water and this means that, with a macerate, we fertilize with these FORMS. A good choice of macerate can stimulate a plant to "get into shape". Form is the boundary between the world of matter and the formative forces. Form pre-exists matter and can, therefore, "control" matter.

During the maceration process we can see, first, the evolving colour of the water. The most "subtle", or imponderable qualities are the first to "pass" into the water, because they are the most labile. Among these, in addition to colour, are the more "spiritual", ie the connection with the Individual Principle of a Species (or Group I), the highest spiritual Entity that governs all earthly existence of a species in the past, present and future.

A "young" macerate holds the form, and thus connects to the Group Ego, etc. and so is ideal for stimulating the opposite pole, namely the substantial or material. Conversely, a “mature” macerate contains the disintegrated material of the original plant and is therefore ideal for influencing the opposite pole to form, thus “bringing into shape": healing.

Let us take a closer look at the plant: we talked about the form and substance, but where are the form and substance?

Substance arose from definite evolutionary processes. One could explain their emergence from the world of the four Elements of Greek philosophy (Earth, Water, Air and Fire), a dimension which, in turn, originated from the processes. For example, a "new" substance, alcohol, emerges from a process of fermentation of sugars. There are three main processes as labeled within alchemy: Sal - contractive, Mercury – exchange, and Sulfur - expansive. They create the world of the four Elements (Earth, Water, Air and Fire) which in turn give birth to substances.

On the other hand, form comes from the world of Ethers and, as it were, "behind" the ethers (which correspond to the forces of Elemental Beings) lie that which governs them: the etheric formative forces from the planets and Zodiac.

At the source of both these streams - the worlds of form (ethers and formative forces) and substance (elements and processes) - we find a single spiritual agent, a single "coordinate", which is the ego of the Group. We can also say that the plant is on the level of perception, the ethers and elements are located on the first "floor" above (the etheric or life plane), while the forces and processes emanate from the astral plane. Above one finds the governing or determining group I on the spiritual plane.

The Group I expresses itself or is made manifest through two functions: one that is betrayed on surfaces (form) and one that fills it (the substance). The more powerful forces are able to penetrate further, and thus substance originates. These forces are related to the stream of the Father. Forces giving rise to forms/light are related to the current of the Holy Spirit. The combination of these two streams, which influence every being, is the Christ force which is present in every being ever created.

EUREKA has studied EM since 2007. EM is the mixture of microorganisms developed by Japanese scientist Teruo Higa in the 50s and then reworked and perfected in the 80s.

The fields of application of these microorganisms has been spectacular. We will try to understand their action better.

In EM there are three main populations of microorganisms: lactic acid bacteria, photosynthetic bacteria and yeast. They are nourished by adding 3% cane sugar molasses. According to the temperature of this "feeding" of EM, one will get the differential development of the three populations and, therefore, one can guide the subsequent application.

These three populations of microorganisms correspond to the three natural processes that we have already seen in macerates. Lactic acid bacteria correspond to the expansive sulfur-process (ideal for stimulating maturation); the photosynthetic bacteria correspond to the mercurial process of exchange (ideal for the healing), and finally yeast corresponds to the contractive-sal process (suitable for stimulating metabolic activity and purification).

So far so good … but there is a "but."

In our sensitive crystallographic investigations we noticed that these organisms also bring ‘disturbed’ forces. Without saying anything absolute and definitive, we connected the disturbance accompanying these microorganisms with a radionic influence, ie to electronic dowsing. It is as if in order to boost the influence of these microorganisms they may have been subjected to the type of energy arising from radionic devices.

Leaving each to own free evaluation (and responsibility), we decided not to follow the path of radionics because it is, to all intents and purposes and in our opinion, a form of magic that might be called "technological."

The situation changed radically when we managed to develop a homeopathic product that neutralizes the effects of radionics, and this re-stimulated our interest in EM and their integration into our products.

The new products that EUREKA will distribute after December 2012 contain the three aforementioned principles: potencies, macerates and EM. To avoid confusion, the labels on the new agricultural preparations have a yellow background and a pink border, whilst the old labels had a green background and a red border.

As a result of the threefold recipe, the efficacy is greatly improved and one no longer needs to "prepare" the plants and soils (using repeated "conversion" treatments of Harmonizer-Purifier, Gold Harmonizer and repellent EMF) so that they can recognize and follow the message of potentised products.

Similarly one need no longer use separate homeodynamic sprays during the 13 Holy Nights. Also the seed baths are greatly simplified because it is no longer necessary to use the purifying (S00) and preparatory (S01) sprays, as one can start directly with the seed bath whose influence one wants to promote.

For your convenience we have kept the names and codes of the previous products.

As a consequence of the manifestation of Christ in the plane of life (His Parousia announced in the Gospels), all etheric or life bodies of the Earth, plants, animals and man, will undergo the most profound transformation (which is also referred to in various schools as a "quantum leap" or "dimensional shift") for which it is good to be prepared in good time.

It is not the task of this paper to treat the subject fully, but now we want to develop a proper awareness of the process, an awareness that allows us to prepare products that can navigate this change in the least traumatic way possible.

Once again it will be the "medicine of messages," that "sweet" medicine that can help us. Specifically, it will use a combination of the three above mentioned approaches: macerates, EM and Homeopathy.

EUREKA has already prepared such products and is using them successfully in various fields of application.

With the new products that result from the synergy of macerates + EM + homeopathy, one can even "contemplate" treading a road previously considered impossible; to transform wild plants into new edible forms with this new "jump" completing the work of domestication, but also overcoming the weakening, hybridization and manipulation we have inflicted especially in the last decades.

This work was initiated over 7000 years ago by the great master Zarathustra, and carried on in our times by the German Anthroposophist Hugo Erbe, to whom we owe the wheat "Gelbkorn" developed from grass seed in just three years.

Incidentally, EUREKA has started this research and is currently preparing to experiment with these new methods on about a hundred varieties of wild seeds for the new stages of domestication. All those who wish to help us either by providing wild seeds or logistical or economic support are welcome.

Enzo Nastati