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by Mark
02 Nov 2019, 18:12
Forum: Joining and Admin notices
Topic: Contact Form
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Contact Form

The Contact Form script failed the update in the php version - and it has taken me a long time to discover this. So we have used a service to handle the form. Sorry if anyone sent messages in the recent ... how long? ... past, but I will actually get your messages now.
by Mark
12 Sep 2019, 19:43
Forum: Scrapbook
Topic: Objections to biodynamics
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Objections to biodynamics

ON FERTILE GROUND? OBJECTIONS TO BIODYNAMICS While acknowledging the quality of many biodynamic wines, Jesús Barquín and Douglass Smith dismiss the movement as a mix of good intentions, quasi-religious hocus-pocus, good salesmanship, and scientific illiteracy Biodynamics has been kicking around the...
by Mark
09 Sep 2019, 08:30
Forum: Biodynamics
Topic: Biodynamic nutrition
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Biodynamic nutrition

COSMIC FLAVOUR, SPIRITUAL NUTRITION?: THE BIODYNAMIC AGRICULTURAL METHOD AND THE LEGACY OF RUDOLF STEINER’S ANTHROPOSOPHY IN WINE Alex Norman Introduction Arguably one of Western esotericism’s most ambitious and widely influential thinkers, Rudolf Steiner has left an astonishing legacy of cultural ...
by Mark
02 Aug 2019, 20:30
Forum: Agrohomeopathy
Topic: Nat Mur, Salivation and tomatoes
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Nat Mur, Salivation and tomatoes

Production of tomato seedlings using seeds pelleted with Natrum muriaticum and submitted to saline stress Filipe Pereira Giardini Bonfim1, Vicente Wagner Dias Casali2, Aline Mako Yoshikawa1. 1 – Universidade Júlio de Mesquita Filho - UNESP, SP, Brasil. 2 – Universidade Federal de Viçosa, MG, Brasil...
by Mark
21 Apr 2019, 20:43
Forum: Preparations: potentised and traditional
Topic: Valerian | BD 507 and relation to phosphorus processes
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Re: Valerian | BD 507 and relation to phosphorus processes

Someone else has offered an opinion about phosphorus / 507 This is an interesting website and seems to be in the stream considering biodynamics and RS's thoughts on medicine. The writer...
by Mark
20 Apr 2019, 15:21
Forum: Problems seeking solutions
Topic: Hop stunt viroid
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Re: Hop stunt viroid

Hi A few early questions: Is this problem widespread in the area where you are growing the hops? Where are you in the world? What's the soil like? How are you managing the crop: chemicals, organic, biodynamic ...??? Are there other major issues in the area? Is this the first season that this has occ...
by Mark
07 Mar 2019, 08:54
Forum: Preparations: potentised and traditional
Topic: Glen's cabbage
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Glen's cabbage Homeopathic Plant control.......Here is a cabbage planted at mid summer - hottest time and most white cabbage butterfly grubs. I used this plant for a 'insect control experiment'. Outside leaves sh...
by Mark
20 Jan 2019, 09:33
Forum: Planting by the stars
Topic: Super Blood Wolf Moon
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Super Blood Wolf Moon Skywatchers are gearing up for a lunar eclipse, which some are referring to as a "super blood wolf moon". During the spectacular event, the Earth's natural satellite turns a striking shade of red. The entire eclipse will be visible from North ...
by Mark
29 Oct 2018, 22:24
Forum: Scrapbook
Topic: Silica
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This article was presented as a lecture at the annual Biodynamic Conference at Sacramento in 1989 by Dennis Klocek Silica – Substance and Process In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. That short sentence – the first sentence in the gospel of St. John – very a...
by Mark
15 Oct 2018, 18:08
Forum: Biodynamics
Topic: Radioactivity plus
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Re: Radioactivity plus

RADIATION AND THE PROSPERITY OF AGRICULTURE BARRY LIA AND MARIA LINDER BY THE TIME RUDOLF STEINER DELIVERED HIS LECTURES in 1924 on the Spiritual Foundations for the Prosperity of Agriculture* (the Agriculture Course), and in those lectures spoke in his idiosyncratic way about a transmutation of at...
by Mark
01 Sep 2018, 08:50
Forum: Preparations: potentised and traditional
Topic: Organon of Holohomeopthy
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Organon of Holohomeopthy

Queridos amigos ya salio mi nuevo libro Organon de la holohomeopatía, ciencia de la agricultura para la vida pueden hacer sus pedidos al mail antes de que se acabe y digan yo no sabía...saludos! [Dear friends my new book "Organon of Holohomeopathy, the science of agricult...
by Mark
25 Apr 2018, 17:30
Forum: General
Topic: Allbrecht soil: NL
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Allbrecht soil: NL

Dear reader, We are pleased to inform you that Neal Kinsey will be lecturing a two-days Masterclass on “”The Albrecht Soil Fertility Model” on the 5th and 6th of June 2018 at the NH Hotel “Sparrenhorst” in The Netherlands. Due to increasing demand and interest, we have managed to bring Neal Kinsey t...
by Mark
20 Mar 2018, 15:38
Forum: Arca della Vita
Topic: Agricultural Astronomic Calendar 2018 from Eureka
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Agricultural Astronomic Calendar 2018 from Eureka

Sorry for the delay everyone but finally the 2018 planting calendar is translated. It's available as a download only, here: ... cts_id=429